Tamarack Environmental Protection Association



Doug Dvorak

Doug Dvorak is the Chairman, CEO & Founder of The Tamarack Environmental Protection Association (TEPA). TEPA is a non-profit, professional and educational organization for individuals who work to control environmental hazards and promote healthy, balanced and sustainable environmental conditions. We advocate for wildlife and wilderness. We are an advocate for sensible land use planning and rural landscape protection. We are a staunch defender of the natural and scenic resources that make our region so special.


Terry Gestrin

“My ancestors…….. gave me and my family a pretty
nice place to live here in Idaho. I”d like to to pass
that way of life on to our kids. It”s changed since
my great-grandfather’s time and it will change
again. But if we keep working hard and keep our
focus, it’ll stay a pretty nice place to live.”

Levi Johnson

Levi Johnson is the Community Manager of the Tamarack Municipal Association, the master association of Tamarack Resort. He is responsible for all aspects of the corporation including operations, accounting, HR, legal and strategic planning. Mr. Johnson has 20 years of experience managing various business units including sailing schools, marinas, four-star hotel operations, elite club facilities, and ski resort operations.


Larry Keene

Larry retired as a Sergeant after 28 years with the Kern County Sheriff’s Department. During his eight years of retirement, he has volunteered more than 8000 hours in Yosemite National Park, protecting resources in one of the most beautiful places on earth. He has been married for 38 years to his beautiful wife, Mary.

TEPA’s Mission
To conserve, protect and restore the environment, with a particular emphasis on Tamarack Resort & surrounding communities