clinch river contamination

Environmental Sciences Division Publication No. The industry-generated data were released last March: They revealed groundwater contamination at 95 percent of the tested sites. One river that remains notably clean, however, is the Hatchie, which flows 238 miles from north Mississippi across West Tennessee before emptying into the Mississippi west of Covington. CLINCH RIVER CORPORATION Registration No. The Clinch River arm of Watts Bar Reservoir … Catching and eating fish is usually viewed as a fun, healthy and safe activity. Clinch River. However, with continuing increases in fish consumption advisories due to the contamination of our environment, anglers have to decide whether or not to eat the fish they catch. Please see Figure 4 for these relative water systems. 1 mi. The report, in an attempt to pressure the EPA to regulate coal ash, noted that most states do not monitor drinking water contamination levels near waste disposal sites. The centerpiece of the new preserve is the Kyles Ford mussel shoal, a shallow section of the Clinch River that contains at least 35 mussel species. As a result, the Clinch River and the Lower Watts Bar Reservoir have received contaminants associated with X-10 operations (Jacobs EM Team 1997b; USDOE 1995a; USDOE 2001a). @article{osti_5302895, title = {Mercury contamination in Poplar Creek and the Clinch River. The report mentioned Virginia's Clinch River Plant and Glen Lyn Plant as two sites that have groundwater contamination due to coal ash waste. Striped bass should not be eaten. The majority of land around the Clinch River and the Lower Watts Bar Reservoir is undeveloped and wooded. Between the 1950s and 1980s, so much cesium-137 and mercury was released into the Clinch from Oak Ridge that the Department of Energy, or DOE, said that the river and its feeder stream “served as pipelines for contaminants.” Contamination of surface water and sediments in the Clinch River and Watts Bar Reservoir (CR/WBR) system as a result of past and present activities by the US Department of Energy (DOE) on the Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) and also activities by non-ORR facilities are being studied by the Clinch River Environmental Restoration Program (CR-ERP). Other coal waste sites Is pollution on other side of the Clinch River linked to ORNL's nuke burial grounds? Clinch River arm (Roane, Anderson) Polluted with: PCBs. Tennessee River … Protecting Kyles Ford, an 850-acre stretch of the Clinch River in Hancock County, which is now a Tennessee Wildlife Management Area open to the public for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation. 11140 SECTION A: Purpose This is a Consent Order issued under the authority of Va. Code §§ 10.1 — 1309, and - 1316, between the State Air Pollution Control Board and Clinch River Corporation, for the purpose of resolving certain violations of the Virginia Air Pollution Control Law and the Precautionary advisory for catfish and sauger.

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