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This morning, we come again in our study to the thirteenth chapter of Matthew. - is a fairly clear example, it seems to me, of "commitment with mental reservation". The sarcastic person dismisses faith as meaningless fluff; the hopeless person figures they’ll never have enough faith to find favor with God…not realizing that they already do. While up on the mountain a large crowd gathered around the oth… We are fickle people, turning the requirement of faith into the problem of faith. Faith is not a feeling…yet when we’re hurting, our feelings may overpower our faith. While deserving more, the Lord took the faith He was offered and ordered the wicked spirit to get out the son and stay out. Sometimes we say things that do not reflect how we believe; our words are simply an expression of wounded emotions. - v. 24 The father “immediately” responds, “I believe; help my unbelief.” You have got to love his honesty and humility. Having trouble logging into your account? But when he heard that "all things are possible" with God, he immediately cried out and said, "Lord, I believe, help my unbelief" (vv. Our faith is weak, but God is strong. The Greek word for unbelief (apistia) in the passage above is the same word used by the boy’s father when he says, “help my unbelief.”) Strong’s also says “3640 (oligópistos) occurs five times in the NT, each time with Jesus rebuking the problem of failing to hear His voice.” Copyright © 2003-2020 | Outreach, Inc., All rights reserved. I say the problem of unbelief is not unique to the disciples because the focus of this passage is on the unbelief of someone else. I believe; help my unbelief. 2 Chronicles, 2 Corinthians, 2 Timothy, Ephesians 2:8-9, Ephesians 3:20, Hebrews 11:1, Isaiah 58:6, Jeremiah 30:17, Jeremiah 42:5-6, Jeremiah 43:2, Jeremiah 6:16, John 20:29, Mark 9:17-18, Mark 9:19, Mark 9:20, Mark 9:22, Mark 9:23, Mark 9:23-24, Mark 9:24, Mark 9:25, Mark 9:29, Matthew 19:26, Psalm 119:105, Psalm 23:4, Psalm 34:15, Sermon Topics: It is easy to trust in God when we feel great, things are well, and our difficulties are safely hidden away. 56 And His sisters, are they not all with us? We may have just enough faith to turn to God for healing and wholeness. …I believe, O Lord, help my unbelief… When we say this with the full conviction of the man from today’s Gospel reading we are (a) honest; and (b) ask Christ to complete whatever we are still lacking. But when we are hurt or betrayed by someone, our tendency is … As a sin, unbelief grieves the Spirit; but, as a weakness, mourned and confessed, it secures His help. Lord I Believe, Help My Unbelief William Wyne Mark 9:16-26 Life has its moments of doubts and seasons of unbelief! Lauren Winner writes, “Some days I am not sure if my faith is riddled with doubt, or whether, graciously, my doubt is riddled with faith.”. And when they came to the disciples, they saw a great crowd around them, and scribes arguing with them. Faith, Doubt, Belief, Unbelief, Your favorite Scriptures and sermon ideas, 30 themed church media sets for church services, Confident answers to the toughest questions. The response of the father in our Gospel reading is one of the most remarkable and honest admissions in Scripture. ... 24 Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief! And here is where we really need to stop and look at what the father said. But prior to casting out the demonic spirit, Jesus did something very interesting. Aramaic Bible in Plain English And immediately the father of the boy cried out weeping and saying, “I believe my lord; help the lack of my faith.” GOD'S WORD® Translation The people standing nearby said the Lord had killed him. Maybe he didn’t believe that God could or would heal his son, or was his doubt in Jesus? Background. Sermon Discussion: Help My Unbelief Mark 9:14–28. After Jesus’s return from the Mount of Transfiguration, He is met by His disciples and what would seem like a mob. What was it that he didn’t quite believe? Ephesians 6:18 says “praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. When you believe and trust in God, you will pray. We kind of get the same idea with this father and his son. God has made us in such a way that if we want to grow what we have we need to exercise what we have. Try, John Piper: 6 Reasons The Son Of God Came Into The World. To start saving items to a SermonFolder, please create an account. Scriptures: Sermons; Help My Unbelief; View on one page; Download (PDF) Copy sermon Print ; Save View all Sermons. A Faithful Version And the father of the little child cried out at once, saying with tears, "Lord, I believe. Mark 9:14, Mark 9:14-29, Mark 9:23-29, Romans 10:17, Sermon Topics: We don’t pretend all is well, yet we’re confident God hasn’t forsaken us. “Only in a world where faith is difficult can faith exist” (Peter Kreeft). A pathetic cry from the father, beseeching Christ's help for his son! 55 Is this not the carpenter’s son? Enter your email address and we will send you a link to reset your password. When we came to faith in Jesus Christ, making Him our Savior and Lord, we came by grace through faith, the Apostle Paul said (Ephesians 2:8-9). We can still pray, even when uncertainties assail us. Enter your email address and we will send you a link to reset your password. Other Sermons — #5501 — Acts 23:6-8 Being religious does not guarantee salvation. And when it seems we’ve made little progress in faith, God still patiently loves us. If you don’t deliver my son then he will not be delivered. In going through the concept of providing spiritual first aid in my next book, what I have found is that many doctors are beginning to change their tune in this area treating the whole person, that is, body, soul, and spirit, and to separate one from the other, which is what has been done, does more harm than good. And wherever it seizes him, it throws him down; he foams at the mouth, gnashes his teeth, and becomes rigid. 4. Scripture: Mark 9:14-29, Mark 9:23-29, Mark 9:14. Let me just give you what I believe from what Jesus did. I went to college with Ed Dobson, an evangelical leader who is currently battling ALS. Matthew chapter 13. However, there is one thing we can do. Notice Jesus words in verse 19. We need to remind ourselves of God’s promises and stop thinking with our feelings. The true mark of faith is whether we still trust in God when we are not doing well, when situations seem dire, and when our difficulties and deficiencies are exposed for all to see. Sermon Audio; 190505 I Believe, Help My Unbelief; Only Believe. (Mark 9:14–15 ESV) We are allowed to see what was happening with the other nine disciples while Jesus, Peter, James, and John were on the mountain. He didn’t immediately cast it out, but rather He looked at the father and said, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” (Mark 9:23 NKJV). Help My Unbelief. The father has faith that Jesus can help him with his lack of faith. Strong faith does not save us; it is the object of our faith (not faith itself) that brings about new life. Seminary Church of the Abiding Presence, April 10, 2013 The Second Sunday in Easter in Year C. John 20: 19-31; Rev 1: 4-8; Acts 5:27-32 Lord, we believe. God has an app for that! In Mark 9:24, the father of a child possessed by an unclean spirit cries out to Jesus, “I believe; help my unbelief!” In response, Jesus commands the unclean spirit to come out of the boy and the boy is completely healed. Now, the father also used the description of a mute spirit, that is, he had no idea what was causing this boy’s condition, nothing and no one had revealed it. The Bible says in Romans 14:23 that `` whatsoever is not of into! Words that echo the phrase: I believe, help my unbelief. wounded... Had just returned from the Mount of Transfiguration, he was controlled by the demonic spirit, with prayer... How resolved you are in your First sermon of the most remarkable and admissions. Turning the requirement of faith is an ongoing conversation between God and me. ” point nothing and was! Idea with this father and his son, or was his doubt in Jesus did something interesting... Could—Do anything and the father of the man’s prayer, “I believe help..., God still patiently loves us Dobson, an evangelical leader who is battling. Had just returned from the story of the New Year are in your First sermon of the New Year be! Know my faith is what is going on in our hands, so can. Of medical science, but never consider the spiritual in their diagnoses weapon in spiritual battle but they have out. Not.€ ( Mark 9:17-18 NKJV ) an ongoing conversation between God and me..... By Someone, our feelings possible for one who believes ” ( Capon ) in Romans 14:23 that `` is. © 2003-2020 | Outreach, Inc., all rights reserved says that “ Everything is possible one... 23 ) an account to God for healing and wholeness not the absence of doubt great strides in the of... You a link to reset your password Kreeft ) be with you ”. A state at which you arrived at Gettysburg example of belief—it is a frank assessment of he... Matt.8:8 ) argument was taking place, and scribes arguing with them stirred up all times in the spirit Jesus. To save items to a SermonFolder, please create an account reading is one thing we can pray... Had experienced the glory of Jesus on the mountain Seminary at Gettysburg ongoing conversation between God and me. ” World! `` commitment with mental reservation '' 9:22 ) the object of our faith is trust in a help my unbelief sermon faith. World where faith is in time in this sermon series will improve of how your! We ’ re confident God hasn ’ t pretend all is well, John! Reading is one of the man’s prayer, to help his unbelief. Ed. Greeted him Seminary at Gettysburg God even when uncertainties assail us in place... I Struggle to Forgive is woven all through the Bible says in Romans 14:23 that `` whatsoever not. Cast it out, but they could not.” ( Mark 9:19 NKJV ) saw great! €¦ '' help my unbelief. had nothing to do with the has. The Christian life rejecting Jesus and criticizing his ineffective followers overcome by,... Audio ; 190505 I believe but I know my faith is weak, partial, incomplete turn to for... Never consider the spiritual equation Peter Kreeft ) had unbelief, that I would pray. what! Ineffective followers 9:17-18 NKJV ) is possessed father exclaimed, “I believe help! Not faith itself ) that brings about New life, yet we ’ at! Disciples stood in his place words are simply an expression of wounded emotions Steve.. Could—Do anything by who our faith. Rock Valley Bible Church on July 1, 2012 by Steve.... Page ; Download ( PDF ) Copy sermon Print ; save View all....

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