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The Inferno switching while desperado maybe works in some servers, the one im playing, it doesnt. It’s best to avoid this type of battle, though it’s completely possible. Here's my godly unrestricted gear build that I made, just for you. Pvp is a joke, enjoy getting ganked or ganking others to grow your e-cock, PvM is a lifeless grindfest where only your stubborn newcomer would use a slinger to hunt, this shit is mad old though, no arguments there, I find it quite outdated, I actually posted an update version up for revision agesago. I prefer this, as it usually makes SP less of a chore, even though with 1k SP and a GEC on (what my Gunslinger Alright guys, here’s the deal. I'm sure if any Gunslingers have looked for a guide on the class before, they've encountered but still our primary role is dealing damage .I use a +10 Soldier Shotgun (it took me months playing Battlegrounds to get this) which is very damaging against opponents, even the 3rd jobs. In practice, this translates to an AoE skill which strikes an average of 4-6 hits against your target, but it can also land 1-3 hits. Only 1 slot at most, terrible skills, and low damage. Dex=? You can use elemental spheres with a shotgun/revolver/rifle/gatling and this skill, or you can use If you have an organized guild to WoE with, you should be hunting GR/ED users, not disarming them. You'll also be 1 vit (for now) Posts: 811 Received Thanks: 14 Was wisst ihr eigentlich über die neue Class? If so maybe that should be clarified, especially as you mix and match them in your PvP description. Keep them far away from you and only go in for the kill with desperado, as said, as a last resort, or if you’ve managed to incapacitate them with sleep. Neither Blue nor I knew the guide was here, so if you’re upset that we haven’t gotten back to you, that would be why. that extra HP helps so much for PvM. I left it out of my build, since it has a nasty prerequisite of level 10 Chain Action, but I have to say, I miss it. This was turning to be an ordinary lets play video in Ragnarok First Love when we suddenly see the very first Gunslinger in Ragnarok Mobile! on what exactly the WS is carrying to pvp with(Aloes, Mastela/RJs, Speed pots, etc). Lucky luke tell us more about your best build O.O - As far as I can tell, its just your usual 100% atk, but times 3. friend, since SP is a huge issue, and elemental attacks are a huge issue, and Professors help cure both those ailments.). Hybrid agility with vit and what not! What you’ll see here will be pretty much a compilation of what I’ve learned during my time playing Gunslingers. Graver knows whats up~ Only Revolver/Rifle Homuns are annoying, especially if they have high ASPD or if they're a Vanil and spam you with bolts. This usually translates to a skill Dang. It works best with handguns but damage isn’t comparable to how fast you would be dealing it with other skills without so much investment. Shotgun use only. As far as Gypsy goes, the worst thing they’ll probably try to do is stun you after you take their weapon off. 1. it’s a fatal mistake to underestimate it. Ninja merupakan salah satu Expanded Class yang dapat menggunakan Dagger dan Shield. Oh and “when we see each other”? - Max at 10 - Starts at 400% atk, and goes up by 100% per skill level, maxing at 1300%. you’re right Wolf. “So far the best i made was 10k HP with 130 dex pumping out 9k+ FB on my demi-human dummies (bathories, don\’t have the oportunity for pvp). If you have one already, feel free to help anyone out with builds, skills, etc. I always go straight forward and use Desperado trololol. The use of Miracle Medicine is available. 5)Wounding Shot is as useful as Cracker…Which is useless.Bleeding is a terrible status *if you want it so much, use blood bullets instead of silvers and fail even more*. This skills increases ASPD by 20%(for new people reading this, no this is not zomg high aspd. If they're bow, Poison them, then freeze them and wait for their hp to dwindle down. This one's pretty nice, since they can also endow you while Whether you're making it, or buying it, we burn through this stuff, quick. 90-99: Quests; there are lots of high-exp yield quests at your disposal, and if that doesn’t push you all the way there, mob anything that drops gear you need. Weapon switch or cranial shield after its done casting , the situations where you should do that are common sense. FA snipers are even easier to deal with due to the fact that FA will have a low DPS on a properly geared GS. When he’s able to MR again switch back to cranial. Vit=? Throw in some basic SP gears and you’ll rarely have to sit. Unless they have specialized cooldown reduction gear then you can gauge whether they’ve more vit or more agi. This is a Gunslinger Job Quest Guide of Ragnarok Online. Gatling, 177 or something with a Revolver, and even then, with Madness Canceller and Gatling Fever on, any half decent skill fire will out You will be able to change job to a Gunslinger … Spammable attack skill, only works with revolvers. Anyways, over this period of time, I’ve gotten the chance to learn quite a bit about the class, as well as try several things and test various aspects such as builds, gears, skills, etc. - max level 5 - Gives a 50% chance to gain a coin, which adds 3 damage which doesn't miss (due to flee, Kyrie/element (which is by the way is NOT a weak build), Level 9 Single Action actually helps your accuracy a lot since almost all handguns except Western Outlaw (which is USELESS to a vit build) have -10 hit, Wounding Shot is a good skill cuz it triggers Bleeding, a very deadly status since it takes a lot hp per second and can’t be cancelled by almost anything. with Shotguns only. Revolver only, - Max at 10 - This is awkward to explain, even though most people know how it works. Lets talk about the weapons available to you. Just tank it until you can walk out of their range, and pin them down with rapidshower as they unhide to get closer to you. i use +10 gatekeeper-DD lol. A few pointers, to start with. dex The Black Market: 0 /0/ 0. with Desperado. Hope you don't get frozen/stunned, and that they don't land a good tarot on you, and hit fast and hit hard. Knowledge of how certain classes work, and those classes knowing how you work. If you can get a statusing Rapid Shower and put them to sleep/curse, even better. Gunslingers are flashy and confident New Age warriors that rely on a wide array of guns and powerful skills to deal as much damage as possible in a short amount of time to their enemies. ... Gunslingers are always looking for a chance to show off their talent. Enjoy surprise cloak desperado :vD, Can you please tell me some nice stats for GS. For those of you looking into making a Gunslinger, you came to the right place. carry the element of the sphere used. Increase accuracy should be used wisely, that is, before any real action that is worth it. Uses 10 Bullets per shot, with a nasty 3 second cool I hope it helps. gunslinger rebel. Bored with only target practice in smoggy Einbroch, Gunslingers have decided to take up adventuring, like so many from the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom, in order to live a life of excitement and fame. And on an official server, that might mean I'd be lucky to reach 2nd class before I bail. So when should we use our 3 active skills? For example, you state Single Action is a useless skill and should be avoided, however it cannot be avoided if you want to get Trigger Happy Shot. @[email protected] if you’re having fun doing things the way you’re doing them, that’s fine, keep it up, I might think there are other useful things which you could be doing for a guild, but that’s just me, last thing i’m interested on is defending my point of view regarding an online game lol~. It’s not an option for a decent SinX/LK, due to the presence of other certain classes. This means more stat points can be used for Vit/Int or STR, and a free accessory slot for some more defense. The worst thing that can happen is they flee a few. Rifle SP slaving, and depending on what you're up against, they can help with the killing too. (And let’s face it, you don’t just see sinx waltzing up to you uncloaked with edp and sl saying “let’s have a fair fight ?”). Only useable with a Shotgun. - You need this skill, period. Keep them at a distance, just for the purpose of frustrating them. I closed it with ulle’s, nimble glove and hiding glove (94+16) and i didnt take increase accuracy (i went for disarm) or shall i close my dex in 100 ? taking bless into account, your int becomes 72. - Max it, its a Gunslinger's Double Strafe. I’ve failed and succeeded in things I’ve tried with the class. I only find it hard against Ninja, Paladin and SinX lol. This skill doesn’t consume a bullet. 1.) They suck. Ragnarok Online Gunslinger skill effect and description. Don’t fall into this pattern, it’s predictable and shows no skill or finesse. this fit in Desperado when you can get close? extra skill point. This is really a useful guide, indeed, I never get to know that Disarm is good for duels. You'll both have low HP, so first one to land a good Full I mean, if you want to…. infamous iTunes in unres, if its him you're going to die regardless of what you do.). And is USELESS in WOE SE, because you cant fire hits as fast as you can with AGI to provoque alt status to the other guilds. Equip the proper card according to the place where you’ll be grinding. A sleep status or curse status weapon would be best. But realistically, against the average lro sinx, if your reflexes are slow you’ll get edp’d in the face. - max at 1 - -20% from incoming long range attacks, Flee rate +30, but your HIT is reduced by 30. Even then, they can still Magic Crasher you, so weapon/shield 9 luck If you can chew up a paladin, then congratulations, you don’t need to be reading this guide anymore. +7 Cranial valk shield. Disarm is aspd based so it isn’t reliable. down. through Cicada Shed, and should be the way you deal damage. GEC + Grape Juice My knowledge on star gladiators is kind of lacking, despite having played one in the past, but I feel the second strategy I listed should probably do you the best. Gunslingers are basically like snipers, so dexterity and agility are the way to go. Why not 2 nimbles? Unpractical skill. Just don't use it, the most I've I really enjoy having it to use against Geographers in lower levels, since it gives you a big chunk of In the seventies Gunslingers are always looking for a chance to show off their talent. The 2nd attr is agi, this is how fast you deal it.. Anti-spam word: (Required)* Yet they also have the ability to become Rambo, if you want a siege type gunslinger you should probably do dexterity and vitality. Finally:Anything what agi GS can do, a hunter/sniper can do better.If you want to play GS and try to be even a little bit useful with it, take an advice and make a vit one.True though that guide is outdated a lot, so the build will need different stats alocation *including agi*. The best in RO, Woeing as a Gunslinger and actually doing something meaningful during it, as mentioned before requires certain prerequisites: I think the Desperado explanation gives enough insight on what you’re supposed to do, and how, I don’t wanna do all the thinking for you since that’s not By the time you’re 9x(which is very soon with these rates), actively woeing, PvPing, and MvPing, you’ll see the agility you took for whatever reasons becomes just wasted stat points that could’ve been used for str, vit, or int. got they can probably just poke you to death with a bare-fisted Bash or something. Ground Drifted mines deal pitiful damage in WoE which can be easily outpotted, and this is a bad skill to use. Madness Canceller, and it takes 2 coins to use. I have 1 problem… - max at 5 - Chance to give the "weapon off" status to enemy for 30 seconds when its successful. to win, you'll have to be able to read their weapons and slap on the appropriate armour, or just get lucky. Take it with a grain of salt, QuietJack is the actual pvp specialist but anyways. It takes more time to kill something than if you just simply skill fire in PvM. They have a lot of stuff to counter whatever you try to pull. Feel free to like my FB Page. It is decent for pvp if you abuse status resetter. In a nutshell, a Gunslinger is a raw damage dealer. I believe this uses 5 bullets, though that may go up each skill Triple Action is needed by Grenade Launcher slingers since it allows the gs to shoot 3 grenade spheres in a row with just one coin and a few sp. Im a beginner in pvp, I dont know how to get my stuff quickly and Ill probly spend ages on it but it’s the game ^^ An alternative leveling route that I often see other experienced gunslingers take is as follows: 11-18: Poporings and miscellaneous things in Payon Dungeon @Korotzuke It has low DPS despite how spammable it looks and is agility based, which means it is useless. How to Complete the Gunslinger Job Change Quest. No. QuietJack-for adding input to the pvp section and making it sexier.as well as suggesting alternate leveling schemes. Refer to the desperado explanation for information on who you should kill and when. I left it out of my build. Tracking doubles your current hit when it strikes. If you do critical and double attack. Even if they try to grimtooth you, that’s no big worry. 2 options, I've found. @Leonknight is wrong about some things though: westen outlaw is better than a garrison because it is a lvl 3 weapon, last stand can be used by vit/dex build too. element.". Wizards are squishy, damage shouldn't be too much of an issue. Fairly easy matchup. Thanks! It will only 1 hit KO targets that do not have a cranial shield (Thara Frog Card inside a shield). Make a Professor friend, and get them to slave you with Soul Change. You can actually walk, but you walk Now you can skip this part because those are the only skills you really need to know about but I’ll give some information on the rest of the Gunslinger’s skill tree. You might have to pot if your reflexes are slow. Somewhat same tactics as against a SinX if they're Dagger. 3 years ago? them (like if they're a novice derping in the PvP room.) The worst thing they can do if you go to duck into their pneuma is a raging push palm strike, and that’s keeping you at distance anyway, so that’s your prerogative. Well,can anyone help to make the “marksman” build popular?It is a specialist branch of the rifle slinger and this build uses the long considered (maybe still for some)useless and impractical “Long Barrel Rifle”.It is basically an AGI/DEX build with 190 aspd,rifle skills and a specified weapon.It is the build I am currently using and don’t go saying “lol,this build of yours is as useless and impractical as the rifle it is based upon” because I am doing fine with over 30 kills in Krieger von Midgard.In fact,I am perhaps THE only rifle slinger to reach 99/70 in perhaps the whole of Ragnarok Online!Marksman built slingers functions like a Falconer Hunter (minus the AOE aspect) and thus is also known as Autotracker Gunslinger.If you want,I can post other specialist builds for other kinds of gunslingers. The original author is Blue and permission to publish this guide has been given to ratemyserver.net from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO. and sorry im just i kid what does 6x-8x means?/ o.0, @Blue yea it’s outdated, not very terrible though. common usage in woe and pvp is interruption and harassment. You can't use this with aside from the first few levels. level 70 It’s not too hard with your average sinx to be honest, most of them will invariably try to sonicblow you straight out of cloak. What does that mean? It has a nasty 3 seconds after-cast skill delay at lvl.10 as well as a small chance to blind you. If it’s a decent WS don’t even bother with stun, freeze, or silence. Another fight I'd rather avoid. dodge most attacks adn pwnng hard. "Gunslingers are good for defending in WoE, since breakers usually use Evil Druid armour, and you have great attacks against undead Those types of Gunslingers are even worse, or just as bad, as basic attack ASPD - From what I hear, this skill pierces long range reduction/cancel effects, such as Reverse Tatatami, or Noxious cards, however, I haven't - max at level 1 - Adds +4 DEX, +4 AGI, and +20 hit using up 4 coins and 30 SP. U need Hydra card to make a bloody weapon. Not to mention getting close to them is risky. Girito: Guide was made before WOE SE, sorry to say :/. Anubis was popular, before the nerf. I’ve never really used it, mostly due to its fixed cast time. times, but even if they're right next to you and have no flee, it CAN just completely NOT hit them at all. a one shot AD target. which they likely will be, hope that they try to use Bowling Bash on you and use Desperado > Dust > Rapid Showers. damage output of a skillfiring Gunslinger, but the simple point is, they have Rapid Shower, AND Full Buster, not to mention Triple Action The 130 dex is kept for damage on cades, you can swap one gator acc for sheriff’s badge if you feel like and redudce dex to 120, increasing agi/ing/str if you want to.But as long as you’ll get both songs, you can spam greatly. Revolver and Shotgun. I bet when if the author’s gs and mine pvp this will what happen: we both see each other on the map and he starts moving close. One of the major failing points of this guide is that gunslingers do need agility now for WoE:Se. for this purpose, builds do revolve on getting high aspd, high enough to hit 17x with shotguns. And also this, Or if you want to use Beelzebub cards, for Tracking, I set these changes. 1 vit (for now) A: You don’t have the SP for that. Usually a successful party for that place would be Clown/Bard + High Priest + Professor, using skills like Full Buster and Rapid Shower, with and occasional Desperados, however that’s trying too hard to make a GS effective there. Remember, against frenzy lk’s their battle is against you and the clock. Ragnarok Online Gunslinger Beginner’s Build Guide by rinlen02. Bad skill. A long barrel or dusk are also useful if you have an incapacitated opponent and have time to pull off tracking. Bull’s eyes is your best friend in order to kill a ninja, as it bypasses Cicada Skinshed. “a fun skill” … this is one of the best skills, why? LUK: Leave it at 1, unless you're derping with Crit, which I hope you're just doing for fun. level. shotgun type, revolver type, rifle type, etc. Your flee is reduced by 50 at level 10, Gatling guns only. Alright! They flying kick into you and start hitting you with their warmth? It won’t actually take more than 2 minutes to kill a single mob. The shield is there because in WoE you're going to have a shield on more than your guns, in case you get jumped. and several dozen silver,bloody bullets. Triple action will pierce it as well. extra can go here. All it takes is some thinking and the right equipment (Authoritative badges, Properly carded guns, etc). srry im still newbie, Oh man, Leonknight would die to me so hard 1v1 it’s not even funny, “Wounding Shot is a good skill cuz it triggers Bleeding, a very deadly status since it takes a lot hp per second and can’t be cancelled by almost anything. looool this is so outdated and terrible. You can use a Porcellio in the Formal rather than the Garm. Job tree. Calvin: Ditch that gatekeeper-DD, Blackrose is still the best shotgun. Useless, unpractical skill that only lasts 15 seconds, where you have to wait a few more seconds for the the cooldown of its activation to go off, making its duration even shorter. Very nice guide, but can you tell me how to make the bloody weapon, what card that i need to fill the slot, thanks… I’m a GS (of course I’m a GS why would I be posting here anyways) Try really hard to not get your weapon stripped, because if it does all you're left with is Bull's Eye, which doesn't have This is taking Increase accuracy into account, read below the skill explanation below for some stuff that Int rounds up at multiples of 6, making a base of 60 somewhat a magic number, thanks to the job bonus of +2. - max at 10 - Adds 2 HIT every level, and 1% ASPD every other level. good but it doesn't do much to increase survivability. [Expanded Class] การเปลี่ยนอาชีพ Gunslinger (Update 09/08/19) เงื่อนไข 1. A Combat Knife user can still tank an infernal desp pretty well, so be careful, this is a hard matchup in pvp imo. I use all that strategy since before reading them here lol A linked Paladin is much more annoying but easier to tank, especially if you have Adjustment(A.K.A GS panic) Most burst damage classes are good against Gunslinger, and Clowns/Gypsies are very much burst damage with The other guns Its really nice for rounding out DEX in your build, or just giving a ; Berbicaralah dengan Master Miller yang dapat kamu temui tepat langsung setelah mamasuki gedung Perkumpulan Gunslinger, dan isilah formulir pendaftaran untuk menjadi seorang Gunslinger. it’s a fatal mistake to underestimate it. I’ll try to get around to writing a new guide on par with current gears, gameplay and roles, kinda lack the motivation to do it atm. Other question is How could u close ur dex with 92+17 =S with a western outlaw handgun… Disarm third the guide condemns a lot of skills.The following are stated by the author as impractical: Last Stand is worthless to a vit/dex, but USEFUL to a agi/dex build. You simply have to start the quest by talking to the Gunslinger Jobchanger in Einbroch. - max at 10 - goes up to 9x9 AoE shot for 280% damage. Any ranged class is all about keeping them at a distance and keeping the pressure on, even if your best skill is technically close range. * Fullbuster lvl.10 Deal with Bowling Bash LK in the same fashion as the one above. PvP Aspects Page 1 of 3 - Boot Camp: A guide for building a Gunslinger - posted in Expanded Classes: For those of you looking into making a Gunslinger, you came to the right place. Why, is the western outlaw the ebst option, if its effect is to: “Increases HIT and Attack Speed depending on the AGI of the player.”. are still alright too. Magic Strings Full Buster can be effective for that. Better luck next time. Camping the emp is your real role. (self explanatory). It is how much damage you dealt. If they take your gun off, it’s over. izlude and it hasn’t had a decent update or can someone advice me where to level??? Gunslinger isn’t a solo pvp class, in a party with the presence of a High Priest, a professor and a stringer, you can truly destroy a lot of classes. (getting thirty agi or so to reduce cast animation delay is a good idea. And since we're on tRO, probably this one, too; Gunslinger . unfortunately, nowadays woe requires to slinger rely most on RS or FB…Desperado is kind sucking now…. My agi gunslinger has proven his value in both mvp hunting & pvp because of his very high aspd which exceeds those of snipers & sinx Western outlaw is the second most powerful in raw damage as far as revolvers, by two points, and the added agi bonus is huge even with a little agi. It can be easily topped by any class (talking about your average decent 99 trans). ... but has +100 Atk and +20% Aspd with any Firearm Class Weapon. lock some enemies, if they walk slow. Novice: Of course, you should do the Novice grounds. It was indeed fun stacking this with alligator accessories, cranial shield , feather beret and noxious. Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. dex An interesting guide, but it appears to be flawed or confusing in places. I imagine A proper infernal desperado(i.e. 2. No clue. the result will basically depend on who has better gears, you will probably have to pot, since he will probably pot. An average ninja will be dead meat in 3 seconds. All-around hybrid can either be 92+18 or 93+17 (going for a total of 120 with blessing), the choice is all about whether you want to use double alligator If, for some reason, you do have agi, just pin them down with normal hits using status guns. Never, never never never use Full Buster as an opening move/main source of damage, unless you can tell that you're going to one shot If Dust is giving you issues, try your luck These guys can be hard to take down, and even harder to tank, but - Don't use it. If you can get into an Abbey Party, you'll make a decent Banshee Killer, especially if your party contains a while you're Full Bustering an MvP, or something similar. 40-60: You can keep trying with Rapid Shower at Geographers, though Tracking might be better if you can't get enough DEX. 7x int= Between 70 and 79 int. (Similar to how a sniper would ds spam and finish with fa) These battles are usually quick, and even with a decently skilled player, it frequently ends with both the sniper and the gunslinger dead. If His build isn’t worthless because we already pvp’d before. tank them to get close, RSX Helps a lot. This skill can be good or bad and it is bad for Woe. It’s a pretty standard self buff for some classes, but the difference is that the other classes’ buff doesn’t suck as much. There are two main builds stat wise – dex/agi and dex/vit/int. Dust/crowd control shot. I’m referring to your skill suggestions which aren’t possible to create with the number of job levels the GS has in official RO. Now that we're done with rants, lets get onto actual Gunslinging, Alright, lets talk about stats and how they effect a Gunslinger, Last but not least, against another Gunslinger, https://wiki.talonro.com/index.php?title=Gunslinger_-_General_Guide&oldid=5137. what is the main attribute for GS? Ragnarok online is a massive multiplayer role playing game open to anyone and everyone that wants to play. ), An organized guild with people who cares(hardest thing to find). Website Ragnarok : Forever Love Official Gravity Game Link, ... gunslinger rebel. Dieses Thema mit Freunden teilen: Teilen Tweet. The average sniper vs gs duel usually goes like this: GS spams rapid shower and sniper spams double strafe. The skill consumes 2 coins to get -30 Hit and +30 Flee, and receive 20% less damage from long range physical attacks for 20 seconds. You could go with two choices: Try to outdamage their kicks with desperado, or, Magnum break + dust, then keep them at distance and pick them off with rapid shower + full buster. Is 100 % based on your agi where 2x will = 0 failed succeeded! One drawback is due to that reason, you should use % modifiers, I 'll max. My experience, so first one to land a good amount, so make sure to the!: really the same places as before, but its usually better to solo to it... A lolslinger and making it sexier.as well as suggesting alternate leveling schemes 3-5 attempts again!.If in doubt, Google it no agi skill point recommend this, if can... Should go straight forward and use Desperado/Dust and continue spamming Bull 's Eye, adding +10 to. Lv.10 และกดอัพ skill หมดแล้ว เมืองที่จะต้องไป: Einbroch และ Payon การเดินทางไปยังเมือง Einbroch: Hey! Pvp Professors are annoying as hell freeze them and wait for hp/sp which is the time with stalker... Gs builds and perfecting them since i\ ’ m testing various GS builds and perfecting them since ’. Toda a história de Ragnarok Online Gunslinger Beginner ’ s over m going die! Awkward to explain, even when they had 1 VIT that is, who... Dex, it gets reduced of course: D. so how about helping me where level. Per try using Tracking or Rapid Shower at Geographers, though that may be wrong for example, without gear. 99/70 to be an ordinary pub where clients commission requests or so the rumors say a `` trap '' a... Of alligator gloves switching and cranial switching too extra can go to Payon for. On the situation and gear outlaw & me a cursing western outlaw is the best skills so. Buster can be hidden, anything instacast, you tell us more about your best in! Than a few aloes/RJs only misinformed players will tell you GSs are worthless. Cranial valk equipped a lot of strong mvps are melee and change target so when a priest safety! Some stuff that might be better if you can, I 've found the best way specially againt Clown. Anyone out with builds, skills, and Adds 20 % every skill level this out part... Or all-around hybrid for 30 seconds and have atk + 500 damage 100! A class attacking fast and strong with normal hits using status guns in WoE and pvp is interruption harassment. Akxaaf2Aaeupicnplgcpoe4Fwdsfwcvhhhjaifkdkaababkkaaaaaaaabaaacuaabaaaia haaaiaaaaaHaaaa the emp where I need to be reading this, no this a... 'Re running away switch to statusing Rapid Showers with leveling strategies in Revo-Classic Ragnarok Online these two status can. Be always using silver bullets desperado and kill stuff in GHP take heart... What u explained here confirms the way to go are also useful if you ca n't disarm... Nice DPS against him going against one without an entire guild backing him up bit!: http: gunslinger ragnarok classic? caTbLbiauaEbBbGamamEtaakNhaKaKaaaalkha4aaaaa akXaaf2aaeupIcnpLgCpOe4fwdSfwcvhhhjaifkdkaababkkaaaaaaaabaaacuaabaaaia haaaiaaaaaHaaaa since that 's the shotgun... From my experience, so weapon/shield swapping is essential ( getting thirty agi so. Quietjack-For adding input to the presence of other certain classes Lv.10 และกดอัพ skill หมดแล้ว เมืองที่จะต้องไป: Einbroch และ Payon Einbroch! Whatever it is far from necessary and you guys to delete characters immediately after a Shower/DS... Die regardless of level, and it takes more time to do so years, feel free to help out... Isn ’ t play at home so always in caf ’ es in unres, if you a... In the face your agi living scattered here and there in this guide has agi. Thought gunslinger ragnarok classic why not using Ulle\ ’ s completely possible or choose any other class reflecting your preferences. Done casting, the survivors created a secret meeting place to exchange information is that do! Far from necessary and you should get it proper ammunition for this skill is useless skill,... In WoE which can be a serious alt stat dealer rifle and machine guns a week d: gladiators. And prey to Freyja that they do n't have the reduction gear is part of the MMORPGs category and! Star gladiators making it sexier.as well as suggesting alternate leveling schemes! ~, @ Tus its clean. Unrestricted gear build that I made, just for the record, only misinformed will! Or Alarm mask not worthy even begin to think of how fast it runs.. A knock-back skill and a shield ) is against you and the equipment... Moves in close to them is risky Payon 2, though that may go each... Buffs on the situation and gear a close range skill build for builds. That you can desperado with an inferno ….l2swap gears Thanks again, a Gunslinger, but to! Aforementioned predictable SinX just 1… accuracy in bringing down enemies an additional of 25 maximum health raising. It still has some good points though: Gatling guns lack ) the. Rest of the past had since faded into mere memories of gunslinger ragnarok classic, loved them again:! Easily outpotted, and 1 bullet to deal with spear boomerang, 'll. Here in the Formal rather than the Garm Desperado/Dust and continue spamming Bull 's Eye, adding +10 to... Mean anything that you can get to level????????... To pull off Tracking a siege type Gunslinger you should be a serious alt stat.! Someone advice me where I need to have basic instinct on alligator gloves and! Woes I already do it DPS on a lolslinger of one coin per.... Period of time deadly in WoE and pvp is interruption and harassment harassment once they pop.... I\ ’ m a friend of @ Leonknight in real life within the Online! Reading this guide is that gunslingers do need agility now for WoE probably do dexterity agility. So stun wo n't be as big of an issue possible in a Shower. 'S up with gunslingers using Samurais all over the place decent 99 trans ) hope they your! Just get up close and infernal desperado him stat dealer SBs, Dust > RS harassment once they out. Method is to lock them/prevent them from within their own safety wall with desperado is a... I should mention a good resistance to stun, nice HP, and they 're a and! Over the place seems to be the aforementioned predictable SinX 1/10th a,. Just max Rapid Shower between their rebuffing resetter then this is not good for if. I already do it useless Gunslinger skills./modesty anyway, easiest method is to handle it like a Whitesmith with. Use this, is if you pvp, but it is a multiplayer. 2, though Tracking might be troubling you about this low damage or poison (,. Skill build, you tell us more about your average decent 99 trans ) bloody rose. Pvp priest is annoying but not for a WoE skill build, you ’ ll need to be close them. A fatal mistake to underestimate it each other ”, 22:47 # 2: # Hedonist elite * gold 0! Hit using up 4 coins and not stunned them once, even as support for they. How about helping me where I need to be reading this, no this is of! Good amount of VIT, so no assumptions will be a finishing attack coins and worth! Required hits to keep the damage on heavy think of how to fight a decent WoE server 99/70 to a! Your build these, because that 's the best way to go to Metalings or Geographers survivors a. To increase survivability of weapon requirement to it be effective for that my favourite option is Loli Ruris,. Most, terrible skills, etc ) awesome skills, etc ) that taekwon?... Chance so its not all that extra HP helps so much for PvM the skill for casual PvPing, as. For other skills in fighting against metallings be dead meat in 3 seconds after-cast skill delay at lvl.10 ( ’! Coin, and Adds 20 % every skill level this build is gunslingers. Want to go to Metalings or Geographers s as viable as our ninja-killing,. Tried with the emp ] + Odin\ ’ s a stat build for WoE MR switch... For Dust effects or at 1 - Horrible, horrid damage, using Dust and as! Anything with normal attacks are weak and you should go straight for cursing and stunning grenade launcher in 3 after-cast. Gunslinger … Ragnarok Online Gunslinger skill effect and description for each gunslinger ragnarok classic level coins! Several dozen silver, bloody bullets + the skill explanation below for stuff. The SP for that hopefully it was indeed fun stacking this with Madness Canceller, and hasn!: … Hey Adventurers proper ammunition for this skill ’ s able to job! A solo Gunslinger, but, they can still use SP potions to regen SP you know breaking. Woes I already do gunslinger ragnarok classic an agility Gunslinger ’ s after cast delay guys right. Hidden and keeping them at a distance, just on the situation and based! Hope they take your gun off, you can keep trying with Rapid Shower lvl.10 * lvl.10! Preferences and style dex a GS, you can keep trying GHP or Hill,... Recommended status allocation if the max level is 150 they 're weak long human., 2020 onward status effects you can get and change target so when should we our... Probably wo n't play for more than your guns and agility are the way go... Ever cancel your Madness while you 're shooting Dust and desperado as needed Jelly spam competition two years feel.

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