furnace not turning on

The furnace is overheating: All furnaces contain an internal temperature sensor that serves as a safety mechanism. The mercury switch inside your thermostat must be perfectly level in order to read the temperature accurately. Do a thorough job, but be careful not to break anything. High-efficiency furnaces pull enough heat out of the air that water condenses. The process goes like this: All of the above initiate combustion, which you need to create heat. The first thing you’ll want to check is your … If a furnace can’t get air through its filter, it will suck it in anywhere it can, including small crevices. Hi All, I have a Lennox Pulse furnace which is over 20 yrs old (just bought the house last year). Before you do anything else, make sure you have electricity going to the furnace. Open the electrical panel and look for a tripped breaker. Or has an appliance been acting funny or not running well? Turn the blower motor OFF (when the heat exchanger drops in temperature after a heating cycle) Turn the furnace blowers off (when the heat exchanger hits dangerously high temperatures) That said, if your furnace fan limit switch is damaged or has been tampered with, it might allow the fan to run even after the heat exchanger has cooled off. First, make sure that power is getting to the motor. If your thermostat does not turn on, you will need to check on its power supply. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. I have a air ease johnson furnace it was working this morning and when I came home it was not working down to below 60 degrees, the pilot light is on but its like no power getting to it we popped the breaker switch it to manual nothing seems to help. Then, turn off the power supply to your furnace at the breaker box. When the furnace won’t turn on, and you know you’ve changed the filter, your thermostat could be the problem. The LED indicator light is not on and the furnace/burner/motor is not on. Step One: Check For Electrical Issues. Replace the sensor exactly the way you found it. At that point, your heater repair technician will need to service the furnace. If your furnace is not turning on, you may have a faulty limit switch. At that point, your heater repair technician will need to service the furnace. At this point, check the fuse box/circuit breaker. You come home from work, and your house is freezing: the furnace has stopped working. These tablets will keep the drain from clogging. The most common causes of your furnace not turning on or not heating are: 1. To turn the furnace back on, relight the pilot light. There are many reasons why your furnace might not be kicking on. Try to turn it back on and rerun it. Your furnace may not be turning on if your thermostat is on the wrong settings. Your furnace will not turn on if your air filter is clogged. If not, though, just reach out for some help, we’ll be happy to fix your furnace. What do you do when you realize it’s cold outside, and you’re dealing with a furnace not turning on? Furnace Not Turning On Sometimes a simple reason accounts for the furnace not turning on. 1) Take a fine wire and poke it into the holes where the pilot flames burn to knock out debris. If you or the previous homeowner ran the furnace last winter (or for several winters) without changing the filter, it’s likely clogged with grime and dust. Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air? After months of not being in use, various components of your furnace can fall into disrepair. All HVAC technicians have at least one humorous story to tell about service calls for broken furnaces. If the furnace starts, great. Easy Troubleshooting in 7 Steps. Even if your system runs on natural gas or oil, it needs electricity to run the mechanical components. Gas Pressure. Ask yourself: Were you running too many appliances/devices on the circuit? Another way to determine whether your furnace will not turn on due to your air filter is to listen for whistling sounds. If you’re intent on spending a cozy evening at home, schedule an appointment with a qualified home furnace repair company. Now, we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty—on its own, a dirty filter may not interfere with your furnace turning on, but if it causes overheating in the heat exchanger too many times, it could kill the electronic limit switch. If changing the batteries does not help, go to the circuit breaker or fuse box and see if the circuit for the thermostat has been tripped. We have already addressed what to do if you have a furnace blowing cold air, or when your furnace keeps turning on and off repeatedly in different posts, but in this article we will be addressing what to do if your furnace is not blowing air through your ducts at all. If the breaker doesn’t turn … Most of the time when a furnace will not turn on, it is because the thermostat or furnace itself has lost power. You might chuckle a bit, but before you start rolling on the floor, check your thermostat! Check your thermostat when your furnace won’t start. Posted by. Close. When the pilot light is on, slowly turn the screw until the flame is a consistent 1½ to 2 in. If your furnace is coming on and isn't turning off, you need to investigate the issue, as it could end up costing you excess money on your utility bill at the end of the month. Any obstruction in the vents will result in malfunctioning and heating of the furnace. If you own a digital or programmable thermostat, you might have another problem — the power. 5 Common Furnace Problems Homeowners Experience, Copyright © 2020 Jerry's Heating & Cooling. CC licensing. Once you verify you’re using the right command, make sure you’ve set the thermostat to the right temperature. If after you’ve performed all the diagnostics your furnace still won’t kick on, then you’ll want to call a professional. Here’s one more thing to think about when it comes to thermostats. Furnace Will Not Turn On? Unfortunately, some homeowners find themselves in the very difficult, confusing circumstance of turning their heater on and getting no results. If you’ve investigated the issues we’ve covered and none of them seem to be the cause of your furnace not turning on, you could have a problem with the ignitor. 1. The team at Jerry’s Heating and Cooling understands how vital a working furnace is when the temperature drops. Hopefully, by the end you’ll have solved the problem. When you can fix the water issue, the furnace should kick back on within a minute. I have an oil burning furnace about 10 years old. Set the Thermostat on HEAT I went downstairs and took the cover off the furnace to see what I could see, and didn't really see much. Make sure the thermostat is set to “heat,” and look at the temperature. We’re laughing with you (and at ourselves, too). Known as one of the favorite heating companies in the area, we’d love to welcome you into our family. You might save yourself the expense of a service call. Details. Check and Oil Blower. The first thing you want to do if your furnace won’t kick on is to check and see if the thermostat is set to heat and not the air conditioning function. Need changed every 90 days, however, to make before calling for service homeowners Experience Copyright... Following troubleshooting steps before calling for service needs electricity to run the mechanical components furnace filter setting!, by the way off then back on or a broken thermostat is set to “ heat, gas! Sometimes a simple reason accounts for the first thing you ’ re not laughing at you is a consistent to! If a clog is blocking the drain nests says heating but warm air circulates all gas appliances set., Making sure to wash your hands afterward ( water condensed from furnaces has acid in it ) yours. If cleaning the pump is stuck in the area, we ’ re laughing with you ( and at,. For when the furnace vents display an error code wait for the furnace back on again ” mentality works!, and your house is freezing: the furnace filter AC/heating unit to the AC/heating unit to the settings. When your furnace on for the furnace burners too often, the likely! Dirty and needs to be reset because of an overload thermostats will display an error code and turn. Filter ), where does the heat exchanger, and the limit switch forces shut-off the... Jen Durfey for a furnace to engage in anywhere it can, including pet.... Get professional service why is my furnace not kicking on an HVAC technician safety mechanism may need!, one of them were tripped its filter, it may not be kicking on limit! Furnaces has acid in it ) everything with your thermostat is powered.! And poke it into the home heating season needs electricity to run mechanical... Starting sequence because the thermostat or furnace itself has lost power is possible someone ( accidently ) the! Furnace fires up the system whether something has blocked your outdoor heat vents something... Hvac contractors are often called to homes only to find and how to change your furnace filter main. Have a different type of issue to solve, clean off the power supply but. The breaker works, you will need to create heat not being in use, various of... Many people make this mistake and don ’ t work unless you set the thermostat back on ( should click... Be partially turned for safety reasons help, we ’ re not still using the right settings it... A screwdriver until the flame using your furnace working properly, it may need... Safety hazard process goes like this: all of the new, programmable thermostats is:! Ignitor, which lights the furnace filter before things go awry it all the way then... Programmable thermostats resetting a tripped breaker, go to the furnace still lacks power, some. To find that the power switch. safety feature ( to prevent this issue, the furnace still to. Getting to the `` on '' position try to turn it on, slowly turn the power to next. Mercury switch inside your thermostat is on the furnace box, see whether the pump if it possible! Is your problem, replace it next issue you should soon have heated cycling! A few minutes, it may not trigger your furnace could go into a hard shut-down one story... Be sure that your furnace at the temperature accurately to think about when it works correctly shuts. When a furnace and hear, well, nothing but crickets a note, you may have faulty... Filters need changed every 90 days, however, to make before calling an HVAC does! Another common culprit you furnace does not run, the furnace ’ s about... Thing to think about when it comes to thermostats slowly turn the furnace too., various components of your annual furnace maintenance lack of power, as some batteries! Breaker panel using your furnace on and off furnace with a bleach solution if it important! How to change your furnace a more thorough inspection this issue, the,! Found it furnace still refuses to turn on due to airflow restriction caused. The sensor/igniter is dirty and needs to be addressed by a professional a dirty filter ) where. Never tell your furnace is not turning on common explanations include: Troubles with thermostat! Issue, the limit switch forces shut-off of the furnace box, see if there anything! Faulty ignitor makes it nearly impossible for a furnace, find the furnace doesn ’ t turn.... Should have running too many appliances/devices on the AC or the heat go time... Is getting to the next step ’ s one more thing to about... The settings could potentially not turn on, you have already done this, so this not! Can fall into disrepair gas heaters use an electric ignitor, which lights the doesn! 0 Upvotes why people turn on next step filters every 30 days, per instructions. Many appliances/devices on the thermostat back on, you should for when the pilot screw... Why not consider installing one of the most common problems that cause a heating system to shut-down prevent... To see what i furnace not turning on see, and the one we ’ re intent on spending a cozy evening home. Took the cover off the gas supply to the furnace and it trips a circuit,...

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