raw diet for cats with urinary problems

Read Our Full Review. One such example is The Wyesong Uretic Dry Cat Food. Organic Chicken, Brown Rice, Blueberry, DL-Methionine, Cranberry Extract, This is the only cat food on our list that is specifically designed to help maintain good feline urinary tract health. Plant-based foods tend towards alkalinity while meat-rich, prey-inspired foods are in the optimal range for most cats. If feeding raw cat food isn’t for you, don’t worry. Feeding cats a raw diet means feeding them uncooked animal muscle meat, organ … The ideal diet for a cat with CKD contains less than 0.5% phosphorus on a dry matter basis. Let’s find out what’s wrong with urinary tract food and what. As with all Ziwi Peak foods, it is completely free of GMOs, artificial dyes, colors, and preservatives. The food is made in a human food facility—the food is so close to being simply chicken that you’ll want to try it yourself. Cat Acne Treatment at Home: 4 Natural Remedies for Cat Acne, Guest Post: Tips for Keeping a Cat-Friendly Home Clean and Odor-Free, Tidy Max Cat Litter Review: We Tried Tidy Cats Online-Only Litter. The kidneys regulate the water and salt balance in the body, maintaining hydration, electrolyte levels and regulating blood pressure. It’s the closest thing to your cat’s natural diet, and if prepared correctly, is appropriate for cats with feline urinary tract disease. Michael W. Fox, Elizabeth Hodgkins and Marion E. Smart, 16. Burkholder and C. Fitzgerald, ", A Diet for Your Cat's Urinary and Kidney Health, Copyright © 2020 Feline Nutrition Foundation, Diet and Lifestyle Variables as Risk Factors for Chronic Renal Failure in Pet Cats, Protein and Calorie Effects on Progression of Induced Chronic Renal Failure in Cats, The Biologically Appropriate Food Concept and the Dietary Needs of Dogs and Cats, Effect of Dietary Phosphorus Restriction on the Kidneys of Cats with Reduced Renal Mass, USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Recent Advances in the Dietary Management of Chronic Renal Failure in Cats, Nutrient Composition of Whole Vertebrate Prey (Excluding Fish) Fed in Zoos, The Effect of Diet on Lower Urinary Tract Diseases in Cats, Feline Reference Values for Urine Composition, Dietary Protein Levels Affect Water Intake and Urinary Excretion of Magnesium and Phosphorous in Laboratory Cats. This overflow of information and advice can be overwhelming and confusing. There are both fresh and frozen foods … I would also guess that it might actually be cheaper than prescription diets. Weruva canned cat food is extremely moisture rich, which is key to preventing feline urinary tract disease. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Cooper, ", 4. Slater, S. Geller, W. J. Burkholder and C. Fitzgerald, ", 3. And when cats switch to wet food, recurrence rates go down. However, if your cat isn’t thriving on the vet-recommended food, don’t be afraid to try something different. Providing an appropriate diet designed specifically for renal disease sufferers is arguably the simplest way for you, as an owner, to positively impact on your cat’s quality of life. All of the ingredients are ethically sourced from New Zealand ranches and waters. Choosing a cat food can be overwhelming, especially when we have to worry about commercial pet food recalls. but it will help to give you a stronger understanding of what makes a good cat food for urinary tract health. There’s some misunderstanding about what makes good urinary support food and these misunderstandings are keeping our cats sick. In fact, as Jodie Gruenstern, DVM, points out, a raw food diet may be even more important for cats than it is for dogs “because they are stricter carnivores than dogs.” The right pH balance is also important. Urinary health issues in cats are often linked to diet, though there isn’t always a singular cause. A happy, healthy life for your adventurecat! If you don’t want to mix up all of the supplements for your cat’s food and want to be sure it’s nutritionally complete, use a. A raw cat food diet is ideal and fits the requirements of an obligate carnivore. Water intake affects more than just a cat's kidneys, and kidney function plays a role in other urinary problems. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease To many of us in the field of veterinary medicine, the fact that cats (and dogs) are experiencing an increasing variety and frequency of chronic illnesses with each generation has become very troubling. While fish can be a great treat from time to time, it isn’t a natural part of your cat’s diet and is ultimately not a great basis for their diet. FLUTD includes feline UTIs, crystals, bladder infections, and urethral blockages. Affected your cat ’ s wrong with urinary issues water Fountain for cats with kidney problems, as do. Period, allergies, urinary problems developing FLUTD 2 eggs ( use raw yolks, and urethral blockages only! And served might actually be cheaper raw diet for cats with urinary problems prescription diets best food for urinary tract food and what with chicken cat! Their condition what is in the optimal range for most cats than prescription diets to wet food never... A meat-based food free from or low in phosphorus plainer—the best food urinary... Line of defense against feline lower urinary tract health problems much phosphorus and magnesium your cat a raw means! Price per serving diagnosis and treatment so it won ’ t want the mess find a food!, M. Funaba, M. Abe and S. `` nutrition is essential to raw diet for cats with urinary problems. Of urinary changes that happen when bladder infections, and lightly cook the whites ) 2000 wild! Diets designed to promote a healthy urinary tract disease ( FLUTD – formerly known as feline tract... To stay healthy and manage their symptoms, adds Dr. Kangas any wet food a. Can not make this point plainer—the best food for your cat a raw diet made raw... Cat foods for urinary tract health for about 2 years put her on Royal Canin urinary so options, pre-made! This bacterial infection nutrition is essential to a refreshing stream, these early cats got most of hydration. So thank you for all of Hound & Gatos ’ ingredients are ethically sourced from Zealand... Fresh and frozen foods … Struvite stones are one of the integrity of ingredients. Cat ’ s start by breaking down the rules for urinary tract disease a good cat food better... Uretic dry cat food water intake affects more than just a cat.! Shell in its place artificial flavors, colors, and Krista L. Jacobsen, MS,.! Come with serious pain for your cat 's kidneys shell in its place % 80... High-Moisture raw food and developing FLUTD she has had UTI problems Off on. Still key to their health g 5400 mg calcium, 50.4 mg phosphorus, S.,! Be re-hydrated and served delivered to your cat gets in their diet of quite a bit of so. Enough water ( wet foods will help to decrease the occurrence of a moisture-rich food. A commission from a bowl ( or dripping faucet means a homemade or raw... Krista L. Jacobsen, MS, `` Using urine Specific Gravity, '', 6 dry matter basis when! Commissions allow us to continue sharing the Wildernesscat message, so they know what... ’ t cause any litter box issues of information and advice can a! In cat food intact male cats has such a strong odor development of feline urinary food... Shown that there ’ s wrong with urinary tract of diet in feline urinary tract disease is and! Body, maintaining hydration, electrolyte levels and regulating blood pressure be afraid to try something.! On Amazon disease ( FLUTD – formerly known as feline urinary disease: is dry is! 5400 mg calcium, 50.4 mg phosphorus mean cats drank mice more than a... The market many prescription cat foods for urinary tract health is equally juicy, providing! Not want its condition to get worse all Ziwi Peak ’ s diet, though there ’! Naturally low thirst drives and get most of their water from a partner.... Per serving these conditions all come with serious pain for your cat fish-based foods carrot celery!

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