Why Does TEPA Need Volunteers?
There are three strong reasons the Tamarack Environmental Protection Association (TEPA) incorporates volunteers into its programs.

First, it helps build organizational strength. That strength comes not only from growing and retaining members and enhancing TEPA programs, but also in the sense of ownership that volunteers gain when they become visible advocates for the Tamarack Environmental Protection Association.

Second, you, as member volunteers, have credibility that paid staff or consultants never have. You can discuss peer-to-peer, and you can promote TEPA’s mission & association because you believe in it. Volunteering is a personal choice, not your job. Never underestimate the power of peer-to-peer communication and community impact.

Third, using TEPA volunteers extends the resources of an association. Volunteers provide extra hands that enable TEPA to do tasks and activities that might not otherwise get done. Volunteers also provide valuable input to association leadership and staff.

What Do TEPA Volunteers Receive?
TEPA volunteers gain from their experience in many ways, such as the following:
• You have a sense of giving back to the erosion and sediment control profession.
• You can express your values in activities that are meaningful and environmentally impactful.
• You will increase your knowledge and learn new skills through networking with other knowledgeable peers.
• You gain an insider’s knowledge of TEPA to grow the value of your membership.
• You enhance your career and gain prestige by building relationships with new contacts and old friends.

To volunteer at TEPA: Please call of email
Doug Dvorak @ 847 359 6969 or doug@dougdvorak.com

TEPA’s Mission
To conserve, protect and restore the environment, with a particular emphasis on Tamarack Resort & surrounding communities